Since 1975, Yvonne is involved in various humanitarian missions.


Freelance and  recognized lobbyist in the European Parliament (1985-2000) for the countries of Southeast Asia, Yvonne decided toretired and sat up a real estate activities.


In 2010,  had a stroke but, was miraculously recovered.

She decided to do the most good she could around her.


Yvonne left Vietnam at the age of 9 for France. However, she still remains deeply attached to her origin country.


Medical cares : dental, ophthalmological, gynecological, cardiological, pharmaceuticals and vaccines are unfortunately inaccessible to the poor populations.


After her stroke, without hesitation, she decided to sell almost all her hard-earned assets to help the poor people.


Since 1989, Yvonneacted only as a simple donor to various NGO, but after her stroke in 2010, taking the time and more interest, she discovered a serious dysfunction in the distribution of her donations.


She  decided to  create DOCTORMEDICALFREE.


Since then, she devoted all her energy to mobilizing about 150 local doctors and all medical professions (all volunteers). She started to organize medical missions in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.


Regularly, a team of fifty doctors among the hundred and fifty members, tooka turn to carry out the missions during the weekend : slept sitting in the bus on average 10/15 hours and, the next day, the mission lasted without interruption, the return was made in the same conditions.


These volunteers did it without any compensation in return. They worked hard during the week, in various hospitals.

Even though, still dedicating their weekends to people they may never meet again.


DMF went to the most remote regions, border between Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos and the Delta of Mekong.


Going to the poorest by all means ; bus, scooter or

boat if necessary.


During the first missions, the number of patients was from 200to 300 patients.

Today, they are between 1.500 to 2.000 for each of them. 


DOCTORMEDICALFREE is mainly financed by Yvonne herself.


This implies an extreme attention to the expenses incurred without ignoring the quality of the care provided, but it is also constant negotiations on EVERYTHING, so that each euro spent was profitable to those in needed.


The statutes are registered in France under association law 1901.





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